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The TLB Story

Our ties to Jamaica go back a number of generations on our mother’s side. Our ties to Silver Sands goes back a number of decades. We were lucky enough as children to travel to Jamaica and stay at Silver Sands numerous times during the past 30+ years. We have vacationed here in various numbers with a large extended family, spreading out across many different villas. Conversations on the mini bus, beach, pool decks and dinner tables always included the topic of one day buying a place to call our own. As our parents age and our children grow, the love and appreciation of this Island grows deeper still. When this Villa became available, it didn’t take much convincing on anyone’s part to make it happen. We knew we had a gem and making it our own was a dream come true. When the time came to name the Villa, we knew we wanted something reminiscent of our roots, a nod to the beautiful culture and history of JA and a tie in to our large family.


Three Little Birds, on the surface sounds like a homage to Bob Marley, and in fact we find ourselves singing the name, more often than saying it but, deeper still is a familial meaning. Our mother and her 2 sisters make up 3, we ourselves are 3 siblings and we each have 3 children. We have all at some point been ‘3 little birds on the door step’. Now we invite you to share in our home away from home and kick back, enjoy the authenticity of Silver Sands, smile at the rising sun and soak up all the beauty that Jamaica has to offer.


Have a wonderful vacation and don’t worry ‘bout a ting!


All the best,


The TLB family

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